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Locke Investment Management is a leading provider of 401(K) planning services in Palatine IL, offering personalized and effective solutions for your retirement savings needs. Our approach includes direct interaction with employees, utilization of target funds through collaborations with reputable insurance companies, and handling the enrollment process. We believe in educating our clients, helping them become better savers and investors. Contact us today to unlock your financial potential.

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Why 401(K) Planning is Important

The real benefit of 401(K) plans and other pension plans similar to it, is the saving aspect. You end up taking out a small amount from your pay and over time it accumulates to be a fairly big amount due to the power of compound interest. This is particularly beneficial for employees who are just starting their journey as investors.

It’s important to understand that 401(K) planning and retirement planning, while related, are not the same thing. A 401(K) plan is primarily a savings program that offers tax advantages. On the other hand, retirement planning is a more comprehensive process that involves determining retirement income goals and the actions necessary to achieve those goals. It’s much more holistic, taking into account all aspects of your financial life and future needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Locke Investment Management, we understand the importance of effective 401(K) planning. Many companies offer 401(K) plans, but they are often ineffective and their value may not be appreciated by employees. Our goal is to provide your company with a new plan or to elevate your current plan. We develop a plan for each participant and leverage our proven investment strategies to attempt to optimize their investments.

We regularly evaluate or 401(K) plans to assess their effectiveness. One of the first things we consider when evaluating a 401(K) plan is whether it is the most appropriate plan for all employees. We also look at the level of participation from the employees in the plan. In our experience, if employees truly understand the benefits of the plan, participation is generally good.

The investments that are included in the plan are also crucial. While most plans offer pretty good investment choices, some are quite limited and employees often don’t understand them. Therefore, we believe that education and access to a variety of investments are key to a successful 401(K) plan.

We understand that different circumstances require different plans. For instance, if someone runs a doctor’s clinic and they have been in school until they were 35 and they are just starting to save at the age of 40, they have much less time to build up savings compared to someone who started earlier. So there are plans that let you add more to your 401(K) to catch up with that.

How We Do 401(K) Planning

Personalized Approach

We believe in a personalized approach to 401(K) planning. We understand that each individual has unique financial goals and risk tolerance levels. Therefore, we strive to keep our clients invested as much as they can without making them overly cautious. 

This is particularly important for young people who tend to be overly cautious that they won’t make as much and won’t have enough savings when they retire. We believe that educating the participants on different aspects of 401(K) planning increases their confidence and makes them better savers and investors, thus making the 401(K) plan much more effective.

Direct Interaction with Employees

One thing that makes us more effective than others is that we go visit the companies and talk to individual employee. We usually give some education on the stock market on how it’s going and then some education on how we approach investing, then we go through a questionnaire with them to see how they feel and then review it with them.

We ask them about their responses on the questionnaire which helps us understand them better and also educate them on how investing works.

Generally, most employees have never been investors before and most of the time they don’t even know what to ask us. So, by going through the questionnaire and having the conversation, they get some knowledge and some confidence which usually helps them become better savers and make better choices on their investments. On the other hand it helps us provide a better service by tailoring the plan for each company based on the needs of their employees.

Utilizing Insurance Companies for 401(K) Plans

At Locke Investment Management, we collaborate with reputable insurance companies like John Hancock and Mutual of Omaha for our 401(K) plans. These companies provide us with the platform for the 401(K) plan and offer a variety of funds that we can use.

These funds are often referred to as target funds. The concept of target funds is based on the anticipated retirement age of the individual. For instance, if you’re 20 years old now and plan on retiring at 65, there’s a fund designed specifically for your scenario that will mature in 45 years. Similarly, if you’re currently 50, there’s a fund that will mature in 15 years, aligning with your retirement age.

This strategic use of target funds forms a significant part of our approach to 401(K) planning, allowing us to tailor the plan to the specific needs and timelines of each participant.

Enrollment Process

We handle the enrollment process for the employees, making it easy for them to join the 401(K) plan. Usually, employees must be employed for a certain period of time before they can enroll in the plan. The enrollment process involves filling out an application, which is quite straightforward as long as the rules set by the company are followed.

For interested parties, Locke Investment Management Services will collaborate with your business to determine the best plan for you and your employees. We strive to bring you a flexible plan that can be tailored to your company’s needs.

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