Investment Management

Investing in complicated. Without adequate time, research and knowledge there is a lot that can go wrong. Trial and error can be a costly way to manage your life savings. Locke Financial Services utilizes extensive knowledge procured from decades of investment experience to provide a disciplined investment process for our clients. Rigorous and thorough research and attention to detail allows us to create the best investment portfolios for you.

Locke Financial Services builds portfolios that are in-line with the client’s abilities to save, along with their goals for the future. Mentoring and managing on an ongoing basis allows us to unlock the true financial potential of our clients.

We primarily offer our clients 4 different models. These include two stock models, which we call the Tortoise and Hare. We also offer two models that are comprised of Exchange Traded Funds. Our Tortoise stock model aims to provide investors with consistent dividend income with a secondary goal of capital appreciation. The Hare model focuses more on growth-oriented investments, as the primary goal is capital appreciation. Based on our clients goals and risk tolerance, we believe that these models, over some time, can accomplish the desired results.

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